Piano Experts from Japan

Directly managed from Japan, Union Gakki JPM Cambodia has opened in Phnom Penh as the first oversea branch of Union Gakki Japan.                                         

As one of the largest piano retailers, we provide large collection of renowned piano brands, such as Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway & Sons, and other popular piano makers.

As piano specialists, we assist you with our best choices and customer cares.


All of our products are directly imported from Japan. Refurbished pianos by Union Gakki have attached with our certificate.

Purchased pianos come with a 10-year warranty for aftercare and maintenance services.

“You can see and feel the high quality of our pianos at first glance. You will surely be satisfied with our product and service.”

Our pianos are all reliably tuned with the highest standards of technique in Japan. The technique is visible not only in beauty of the exterior, but also interior of the pianos with complete adjustment.

Please see and experience with your eyes, your hands and with your ears.

“Attractive price realized by our self-containment supply chain !” 

 Used pianos currently distributed in Cambodia are mostly imported from Japan. Before those pianos are displayed in the shop, they normally go through various dealers such as ;

  1. Used piano buyers in Japan
  2. Used piano repair agent
  3. Exporter
  4. Used piano retailer in Cambodia      

Sales profits of those intermediate dealers are accumulated and naturally reflected on retail price for the end customers.

Contrarily, Union Gakki operates and manages all of above steps from 1. to 4. by itself. Consequently, intermediate distribution costs can be largely eliminated.