"Deliver MADE BY UNION to the world"

UNION GAKKI is one of the largest piano shops in Japan. In addition to the sales of brand new pianos of famous manufacturers, pianos refurbished at its own factories have acquired high reputation from the world market, and now delivered to more than 60 countries all over the world.


Union Gakki has one of the largest piano renewal factories in Japan and in Cambodia with the latest refurbishing facilities, which produce the refurbished pianos with highest quality under strict control for repairing, painting and tuning.
We succeeded in cost reduction of refurbishing for each piano by realizing a mass production system, which covers global demand.
Through this, we have created attractive products with “high quality and low price”, which no other company could realize.


We have a showroom that boasts the largest sales floor space in Japan and in Cambodia.
We challenge absolute differentiation from other companies based on the concept of “high quality and low price”.
We put customer satisfaction first, and we have earned a favorable reputation with an uncompromising corporate effort.

Music school

Based on research and experience over years, we developed an original educational system “MSI” that balances mind and body.
A clever combination of Music, Sport and Intelligence
By its new, unique teaching method, we have succeeded in blooming the possibilities and talents of children.