Rental Service

Choose your favorite piano from wide variety of exhibits after viewing, playing and comparing, just in the same way as you buy one.

Rental Fee

Contract period 3 months or more Contract period less than 3 months
Upright Piano 2.5% of selling price 3% of selling price
Grand Piano 3% of selling price 3.5% of selling price
  • Payment of Deposit (2 months rental fee) and transportation fee (for delivery and removal) is required at first payment.
  • The deposit will be refunded after the contract period terminates.
  • Payment method can be selected either from bank transfer or cash. In case of lump sum payment, following discount privilege is applied.

In case of lump sum payment, following discount privilege is applied

12 ~ 17 months 18 ~ 23 months 24 months
Discount rate 5% OFF 8% OFF 12% OFF

The minimum rental period is one month. Even for 1-2 days use at a presentation or event, one month fee will be charged. No prorated calculation is performed.

Rental service is available in the area within 50km from the city of Phnom Penh.

You can contract for an exemption guarantee with additional 0.5 % charge of monthly rental fee. You are free from the concern for the penalty for damage,

If you wish to purchase the rented piano during rental contract period, following percentage of already paid rental fee can be treated as deposit for the purchase ;
Rental period within 1 year : 100%
Rental period within 2 years : 90%
Rental period within 3 years : 80%
All you have to pay is the balance.

For rental contract, you are required to satisfy certain conditions, such as presenting your passport, entry date to the country, type of visa, planned date to return to home country, work location etc..