Musicland Music School

Fun and engaging piano lessons that will set you on a path towards lifelong piano study!

Let the adventures begin!


Musicland is an official music education partner of Union Gakki J.P.M Cambodia.

As piano specialists, Musicland provides professional piano training to all of our students and feature a Grand Piano in every one of our lesson rooms.

Our syllabus follows the Piano Adventures program from the U.S.A., the most well-regarded and effective piano teaching method today using a specialized and student-centered curriculum.

~Our Courses~

Standard Piano Course
-Basic Level
-Intermediate Level
-Advanced Level

Gold-Star Piano Course (Coming soon)
-Advanced piano course for outstanding students

Our Philosophy

By using the Piano Adventures program, we promise to teach right from the very beginning.

Our classes are unique and fun; at the same time, we make sure that our students fully understand and grasp each lecture before moving forward to the next lessons.

Our teachers are well-trained and qualified to follow a systematic teaching approach, which can help our students develop a strong foundation to set them on a path towards lifelong piano studies and development. We are particular on helping our students to build up their fundamental piano techniques to in order to maximize their potentials and possibilities.

Our lessons feature balanced reading and listening exercises alongside practical, hands-on training. We strongly encourage and teach our students on how to develop effective self-practice because we believe that a students’ independence is the most significant element in setting them towards a path of lifelong piano study.


Address: #95, St Claster, Borey Peng Huoth, Phum Beoung Chouk, Soungkat Nirout, Khan Chbar Ampov, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel: +855 023-230-779
Email: [email protected]