Year of Manufacture: 1979
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Serial Number: 2934471
Dimensions: H:131cm, W:154cm, D:65cm
Keys: 88
Pedals: 3
Hammer Type: Under Felt Hammer All Register
Features: X Bracing, Bass Damper Pedal, Practice Muffler, Tone Escape Window, Bigger Music Stand, Agraffes on Bass to Tenor
Finishing: Walnut Matte
Availability: In-Stock

Piano Delivery:
To deliver pianos, it requires to have secured accesses into buildings and enough space of elevators.  Please consult with our staff before making an appointment of a piano delivery.

Tuning Service:
The first piano tuning is complimentary on piano purchase.
Annual maintenance and tuning are recommended once or twice a year for regular house uses.